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Why Light Tinting?

We can offer a variety of light tinting, from light smoke/ dark smoke to Yellow/ various other colours film ( for show purposes ) and Fly eye kits.

With these choices it allows you to tint your headlights, fog lights, indicators while remaining 100% road legal and MOT compliant in the UK. The tints can be applied to any light, and does not noticeably affect the light output and therefore does not impact on visibility or your safety.
We also offer light tints in yellow and blue for off road use.

Prices start from as little as £10 a light, multiple light discounts available.

Dark smoke is proven our most popular with its factory style finish and sleek look but take a look at the examples below for many of the options.

MOT rules and regulations state:

Headlights – a pair of headlights must: emit light of substantially the same colour and intensity. Emit a steady colour of either white or yellow. Be visible from a reasonable distance.

Brake lights – a brake light must emit a steady red light. At least 50% of the lamp must be visible from the rear. Light must be visible from a reasonable distance.

Reflectors – at least 50% of the reflecting surface must be visible from a reasonable distance.
Indicators – every indictor must emit amber light. At least 50% of the lamp must be visible. Light must be visible from a reasonable distance.~

Masks or converter kits – a headlamp or rear tail lamp altered in this way is not a reason for MOT rejection. So long as light outputs are not adversely reduced, it emits the appropriate correct colour and the mask is securely attached. *light tints are not suitable for laminated headlights as found on some models. Lighter shades and colours are not recommended for rear lights or indicators as output can be impaired.