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Why Have Paint Protection?

Paint Protection Film is becoming ever more popular, especially with the increase of new vehicles on the road. At Wc wraps we fit Suntek/ Xpel, off the roll film, that we then use to wrap the entire panel like a wrap, so there is no edges and gives maximum protection to all edges

With this you can virtually eliminate any stone chips, scratches and general paint damage. With these kits, they cover the front end, including headlights. You could even get a full car kit! Help retain the value of your vehicle and keep pristine paintwork. We also have Kits available for motorbikes. We can use it to cover any panels but we can offer particular packages like the picture below.

Ranging from Front bumper/Bonnet/Wings
Full front edge coverage including Mirrors and Headlights. Full coverage of entire vehicle or Any Particular parts you want. There is also film and protection available for plastics so full coverage is available.

The film itself is also virtually ‘orange peel’ free, so is almost indistinguishable from the original finish. It’s difficult to show the product off to anyone because its virtually invisible! Nevertheless, it’s a lot less visible than stone chips, scuffs and scratches.