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Why Window Tinting?

Vehicle window tinting has a lot of great benefits, including the reduction of heat gain, glare and dazzle, meaning your vehicle becomes a safer and more comfortable place to be. We ensure that all of our vehicle window tinting is fully compliant with the latest MOT rules and regulations.

Decrease heat – Window film provides up to 63% solar energy rejection versus untreated automotive glass. A cooler interior provides more comfort, and can significantly reduce air conditioning usage.

Reduce glare – Glare from the sun or headlights at night can blind your vision when on the road. This dangerous condition can be greatly reduced by window tint.

Block UV rays – Window film blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays to reduce fading of your cars interior, including seats, carpets, wood trim and dashboard.

Reduces health risks – Effective “sunscreen” for your eyes and skin. Window tint provides SPF of over 1000. Skin cancer foundation recommended product.

Increase safety & security – Protective film can provide an extra level of safety in case of an accident & security for your possessions from smash & grab theft.

Enhance appearance –Theres a variety of window film products to suit any type of car or van. From light films to darker colours, we have a range of shades to give you the look you want.